Barber Shop Signs and How You Can Use Them

SignSmiths of Texas creates customized signs to help small businesses stand out. Our team has experience making signs that catch your customer’s attention. We use high quality materials so your sign lasts for a long time. Barbershop signs create an identity in the community. Classic signs like spinning poles or striped poles let people know a barbershop is open for business. We make signs that match the tradition and feel of an old school barbershop. Our signs catch the eye so people remember your business.

Eye-Catching Pole Signs

Spinning barbershop poles are iconic symbols going back hundreds of years. The red, white and blue colors symbolize blood, bandages and veins from the early days of barber surgeons. Our pole signs use modern materials like steel, aluminum and plastic to create a sign that lasts. Pole signs on the sidewalk or street grab people’s attention from a distance so they can find your barbershop. We add custom stripes and spirals tailored to your shop.

Vintage Window Personality

Windows give a close-up glimpse into a barbershop’s style. Decals applied directly on the glass become like artwork exhibits of your brand. Go with an old fashioned look with painted stripes and lettering. Or choose a sleek modern design with printed vinyl graphics. We can custom fit decals to any window shape to showcase your shops strengths. Change messages for promotions and sales too.

Portable A-Frame Advertising

A-Frame sidewalk signs are great for advertising daily to folks walking by your shop. The folding design makes storage easy when closing up at night. We build A-frame signs from wood, metal and other durable materials to hold up outside. Custom paintings or prints allow almost any design imaginable to attract local clients. Use them to highlight service specials, new staff additions or more. Chalkboards work nicely to update offers week to week.

Permanent Address Marks Brand

An address sign may seem purely functional to help people find your barbershop the first time. But a well-crafted sign also builds your brand for return visits. Signsmiths of Texas puts just as much care into address signs as our other products. Signs mounted on a building or post integrate permanently into the property. Consider materials like cast metal or carved wood signs to inspire confidence in your services. Keep designs consistent with the shop theme for best impressions.

Big Impacts with Banners

Hanging vertical banners make bold statements to traffic passing your barbershop. They grab attention for grand openings, promotions, holidays and events. We build an aluminum frame and cover it with custom printed vinyl or fabric that won’t fray or tear. Banners bring in seasonal business by highlighting current offers. Or they build awareness for a new barber on staff. We’ll help hang them properly so they withstand wind and weather.

SignSmiths of Texas aims to build signs as unique as each barbershop we work with. Our team takes you through options for materials, size, design and placement to maximize your investment. Signs not only look nice, they become valued landmarks in the community. We stand behind all our products for years to come too.

We welcome you to contact SignSmiths of Texas to discuss barbershop signs for your business. Our team brings experience helping small shops make an impression. We love developing signs full of nostalgic charm and neighborhood pride tailored just for you. Call or email us today to get answers to all your signage questions.