4 Reasons to Consider Vinyl Wraps for Fleet Rebranding

4 Reasons to Consider Vinyl Wraps for Fleet Rebranding

Taking your brand’s message on the road is one of the single most important things you can do to build your business.

If your business operates in a competitive market and targets local buyers, it just doesn’t make sense for employees to drive non-branded vehicles.

Today’s post shares 4 reasons you might want to consider vinyl wraps for your company’s mobile advertising and fleet rebranding needs. Read on to learn more, or skip the preamble and book a free fleet rebranding consultation with our Texas design team.


You’re Releasing A New Product Or Service

If your organization is unveiling new products or services, fleet rebranding can be a powerful way to get the word out.

According to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, there are 24 million vehicles registered in Texas each year. That’s 24 million people on the road who could potentially see your brand message every time one of your employees gets behind the wheel.

Fleet rebranding effective turns every second of travel time–even every traffic jam–into a powerful promotional opportunity.

But fellow drivers aren’t the only people who will spot your rebranded fleet. You’ll make impressions on pedestrians, the neighbors of clients you visit for service calls, and anybody else who spots your vehicle either parked or on the go.

The reach of your branded vehicle wrap will vary on how often and when you drive, how many vehicles are wrapped, and your location. But it has been estimated that, during a typical day, a single vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000 to 70,000 impressions. Few other advertising mediums come close to those numbers.


You’re Changing Your Look

If your organization is revamping its website, motto, or mission statement, vinyl wrap fleet rebranding is a fast and effective solution compared to repainting all company vehicles.

It’s equally effective for companies making minor changes and those who are completely rebranding, since your vinyl wrap can cover some or all of the original body.


You’re Running A Short-time Promotion

Vinyl wraps are especially effective for temporary fleet rebranding purposes, like when you want to promote a limited time sale.

Rather than painting something onto the body of the vehicle, you add a temporary wrap that can be easily removed for instant vehicle conversion on the day your promotion ends.


Your Fleet Has Some Wear And Tear

Sometimes business owners use vinyl wrap fleet rebranding to give their vehicles a fresh, updated look that hides any damage they’ve picked up over the years.

Vinyl wraps not only hide wear and tear: they also act as a protective buffer between your vehicles and the elements.

Professional Fleet Rebranding Services In Texas

When you need an entire fleet of vehicles rebranded, you can’t just leave the job in the hands of an inexperienced company. You want the best.

That means somebody that hires only top Texas design and manufacturing talent; somebody who can guarantee that your fleet rebranding project goes according to plan; and somebody who can get you a quote today.

We are that somebody!

SignSmiths of Texas is proud to serve business owners in Rowlett, the greater Dallas area, and the surrounding communities. In fact, you’ve probably seen the products of our fleet rebranding service cruising through Wylie, Texas or parked outside the Texas Manufacturing Expo.

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