Simple 3D Vinyl Lettering on Your Vehicle Makes a Big Impact

3D vinyl letting car wrap

Simple 3D Vinyl Lettering on Your Vehicle Makes a Big Impact

If you’re looking for an easy way to get more “mileage” out of your advertising budget, consider vinyl lettering on your company vehicle. You can use 3D lettering to put your company name, logo, website, phone number, or any other information in an easy-to-see place so that your brand travels along with you wherever you go.

Want to get the most from your investment? Read on for some installation tips. 


Vinyl Lettering is Safe to Install On Your Vehicle

While you’re away from your office or travelling at home, 3D lettering helps you keep your business while on the go. These vinyl decals are safe to install on your car’s body, and the glossy adhesive vinyl won’t damage your paint*. The letters can be used on any surface of your car – the doors, windows, back windshield, or wherever else you feel inspired!

The high-gloss vinyl used in these letters are vivid to the eye and are made to resist UV rays and water to prevent fading and peeling. You can expect to get at least five years of use out of your investment!

They are also simple to remove in case your branding changes, your business moves, or you sell your vehicle.


Easily Install Vinyl Letters

3D lettering comes prespaced, and is printed on transfer paper to make placing your letters simple. Make sure you thoroughly clean the surface of the area you wish to install your vinyl lettering on before application.

To apply, just align the strip, rub on the letters, and peel off the backing. Your team at SignSmiths of Texas can also assist you with the installation process – simply contact us for help!


Keep Your Design Simple

It’s important to remember that while thousands of people will be seeing your sign while you’re out and about, their time to view your sign is extremely limited – and likely, they’ll also be driving.

Include your company name/logo and a phone number or a website. This type of promotion is not suitable for a long list of your services, even if you have the space for it. The less people have to read, the more likely it is they’ll remember you.


Vinyl Lettering Maintenance

Once your vinyl lettering project has been installed on your vehicle, it’s vital that you keep your car and the area of installation as clean as possible. Hand washing or a quick dusting should be all that’s needed to keep your sign free from dirt and debris.

Avoid pressure washers or car washes with brushes – they’re too abrasive and will result in chips or peels in your sign.

For glossy signs, you might want to consider applying wax by hand to keep your sign shiny and also provide it another layer of protection from the elements.

Try to keep your car parked in an enclosed area such as a garage whenever possible. If you must park your vehicle outside, consider covering your vinyl lettering with a cloth cover to provide additional protection.

* There is always a risk of minor paint damage, especially if there’s already a dent, scratch or chip on the paint.


Free Vinyl Lettering Quote And Consultation

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