Top-5 Tips for High Level Car Wrap Designs

Top-5 Tips for High Level Car Wrap Designs

If you want to get the most out of your next design consultation, take some time to learn what the pros look for in a quality car wrap.

Read on for our top-5 car wrap design tips, or call 972-464-2926  to speak directly with our local car wrap design specialists.


Measure Vehicle Dimensions, Then Measure Again

Before you dig into your car wrap design vision, it’s important to know the precise shape and size of the “canvas” you’re working with.

That means measuring the vehicle sides, roof, rear, hood, bumpers, and anywhere else you intend to cover with your wrap.

Once you’ve done that, do it again to make sure everything’s accurate, paying particular attention to any extreme curves on the vehicle body, as well as the body breaks, door handles, rivets, and other irregular parts.

Additionally, you may want to take direct photographs of all the sides of your vehicle and bring them to your consultation. Avoid photographing your vehicle at an angle, as this can distort the dimensions.

Failing to measure properly could lead to distorted images, prominent seams, and poor visibility or legibility on key areas of your ad.


Keep Your Car Wrap Design On-Brand

It almost goes without saying that your car wrap design should match the colors and style of your existing brand materials. And yet, many business owners get carried away with our limitless design potential. They end up with something cool and original but nearly unrecognizable as a business asset.

In addition to matching your existing brand colors and style, keep the overall message and feel on-brand. To test this out, try the following exercise.

Write your main brand message on a piece of paper, distilled into one or two sentences that convey what your company is all about. When the car wrap design is ready, read those sentences back and see if the design conveys the same thing.

This doesn’t mean you should use those same 1-2 sentences in your car wrap design, but rather that your design should try to match the overall tone and hit the same main points.


Avoid Overcrowding

The average person spends 3 seconds reading a sign, and that number drops even lower for mobile ads.

Unless you’re idling next to a wrapped car in traffic or it’s sitting parked, you won’t have long to absorb that message.

To reach more people and make meaningful impressions, show some restraint with your car wrap design–no overcrowding with logos or wrapping the body with paragraphs of text.


Design Your Wrap to Stand Out From Competition

Get a rough idea of the car wrap designs that your local competitors are using so that you’re guaranteed to create something unique.

If you need help here, enquire with one of our design specialists–we’ve designed car wraps for countless Texas businesses across multiple industries. Signsmiths of Texas can help you steer clear of well trodden design tropes!


Use Bright Colors

Have you ever noticed that most big brands use bright color pops in their logos? That’s because they understand the power that bright colors have for grabbing eyes and evoking emotions.

Bright colors are also easier to spot at long distances and high speeds, both of which often describe car wrap viewing conditions.


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