4 Things to Consider When Designing and Installing Exterior Door Signs

4 Things to Consider When Designing and Installing Exterior Door Signs

Today’s post shares 4 considerations first-time exterior door sign buyers need to make to perfect their design and installation, courtesy of the team at SignSmiths of Texas.

Where Is My Target Audience?

Are you trying to grab the attention of passersby on the sidewalk out front? Or are you hoping to reach people driving down the road 100 feet further away?

How you answer that question changes everything, particularly when it comes to letter sizing. As a general rule of thumb, every inch of letter height provides about 10 feet of visibility. So if you’re trying to reach foot traffic on a sidewalk that’s 30 feet away, you’ll need sign letters that are at least 3” tall.

How Will The Season Affect Your Installation Area?

You may think you’ve picked the perfect spot in the winter, only to find that your exterior door sign is completely obstructed by the leaves of a big tree that blooms in the spring! Make sure your chosen area is great year-round before you commit to your installation.

Wylie, Texas Zoning Ordinances And Sign Laws

Playing nice with the Wylie regulators is 100% necessary to keep your business safe and successful. There are a number of zoning ordinances and sign laws that will affect multiple aspects of your exterior door sign design and installation.

For instance, the City of Wylie’s Zoning Ordinance lays out a number of “Desirable Design Attributes” and use regulations for non-residential signage in Sections 4.3 and 5.1, respectively.

Failing to abide by these ordinances can expose your business to costly fines and liabilities. Furthermore, if your manufacturer isn’t versed in Wylie sign law, you may need to pay to have it redesigned and reinstalled.

Don’t worry: the SignSmith of Texas are experts in Wylie sign law, and clients who work with us are always 100% compliant with local zoning ordinances.

What Materials Fit My Needs?

There are plenty of materials to choose from when designing your exterior door signs:

  • Aluminum is known for its strength and rigidity, which makes it a great option for those who anticipate some wear and tear on their exterior door signs.
  • Dibond offers all of the strength of aluminum and more, but with added dimension. Dibond uses a plastic core bonded between aluminum “faceplates.” It has a high tolerance for cold and hot weather, making it a great outdoor option.
  • Alumalite has a thick core like Dibond, but it uses a hollow corrugated plastic that both gives it great panel strength and keeps your sign light, portable, and easy to install.
  • Vinyl banners are popular exterior door sign options in certain areas. Though they aren’t as rugged as aluminum, vinyl banners stand up great to environmental wear and tear and will easily last a few seasons with proper upkeep. If you can’t afford more expensive sign materials yet, using banners as exterior door signs is a great temporary solution. And installation is foolproof!

If you need help choosing between these options, or want to explore some other sign types you can use for your exterior advertising, the SignSmiths of Texas are standing by to help!

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