5 Need-To-Know Weather Tips For Outdoor Signage

exterior sign on front of building

It’s winter and, as the song says, “The weather outside is frightful.”

Have you thought about what all that frightful weather might be doing to your signage?

You rely on signage for brand recognition and way finding. So don’t leave yourself vulnerable to the elements which may slowly wear it away over time.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when protecting your outdoor signage from the effects of the weather.


Weather To Watch Out For

Depending on where you live, there are all kinds of potentially damaging weather conditions.

Cold temperatures can cause scratching or warping of the material or scratching of the paint.

If the temperature rises very suddenly from freezing, this can lead to cracks. Fog can also result in condensation in your light box, reducing visibility.


Secure It Properly

Bad weather can wreak havoc with your signs if they’re not secured. Tie any banners down to a flat surface to minimize flapping in the wind.

Check on the connecting cables for all your digital signage to make sure these are protected.

Remove any objects around your signage that might fall on top of it and damage it on a windy day.


Prevent Moisture

Over time, moisture can cause serious damage to your sign. If it’s metal, it may rust while other materials are likely to become moldy or distorted.

If you have digital signage, make sure that it’s designed to stand up to all kinds of weather.

Consider protecting your sign with a weather-resistant enclosure.


Special Care For Digital Signs

It’s tough to beat a digital sign for visibility and appeal. But as great as these signs are, they are especially vulnerable to the weather.

Inspect the seals of your digital signage regularly to make sure that they are not coming unsealed.

Consider a heating solution if temps regularly drop below 59 ℉ in the winter.


Use The Right Materials

Keep weather in mind when choosing materials for your signage.

Rock and metal are excellent choices to stand up to the weather over the long haul.

Stainless steel can resist the corrosion and rust typically caused by rain and snow.

Aluminum is also water-resistant, and likely to last 7-10 years.


Replace When Needed

Life (and weather) are unpredictable. Though losing your signage to a strong wind or hailstorm is not Plan A, it’s best to be prepared with some backups.

You don’t need exact replicas of your original sign; just some inexpensive signage to keep on hand that can get the job done if needed.


A Word About Portable Signage

Sometimes, if the weather is truly terrible, the best way to protect your signage is simply to remove it.

To that end, you might consider signs that are easy to store indoors when the temperature drops or in the event of a severe storm.

An A-Frame sidewalk sign can work nicely for this, or simply adding wheels to the existing frame.



You want your signage to last for years.

The right sign company will work with you to come up with the perfect signage that can go the distance, even in the worst that Mother Nature has to offer.