5 Signage Considerations for Texas Churches

Churches are a vital part of any Texas community; they provide spiritual guidance and also host events that promote harmony and peace. To be effective in these efforts, the administration of the church needs to take some important steps. One of these steps is to reach and engage with your congregation on a consistent basis.

Signage is a critical tool in communicating with any congregation, from exterior logo signage, to interior directional signage that helps visitors find their way around. Regardless of what type of signage you’re looking for, your sign project needs to be carefully planned out in order to make the most of your investment and ensure that they won’t need to be replaced again too soon.

Consider these five factors before creating or updating your church’s signage:


Most signs have a lot more than just words on them; color contrast, placement, and font size all play an integral part in attracting your audience’s attention long enough for them to understand what it says. The sign needs to be large enough to make it easy to read; but it should not be too large that it hinders movement or visibility of other assets. Consider the most common viewing distances, and make sure your sign is readable from all angles.

Temporary & Event Signage

As we mentioned above, a key platform for many churches is local events. Temporary banners, sidewalk signs, and other low-investment signage can be used to promote upcoming events. They can also be an effective tool for communicating new sermon series throughout the year.

All of the same principles apply – these must be designed, positioned, and sized appropriately, but they must also quickly and effectively communicate new information. This signage should be quicker hitting than other long-term or directional signage.


The position of your sign makes a difference. Signs are most effective when they’re placed at eye level, but you also need to make sure that the sign is not blocking entrances or positioned in the direct line of the sun during certain times of the day.

Clear Direction

Directional signage should be self-navigable and clear so pedestrians can find their way with ease. Make sure that signs are clear and readable, using symbols when possible, so people can quickly find their way around.


Make sure to use durable materials such as aluminum, so the signage doesn’t rust or corrode over time. Especially in this Texas sun, your exterior signage needs to be able to withstand the elements for years to come. You’ll find it worth your investment to spend more on high-quality material that won’t need to be replaced too quickly.

When considering new signage for your church, it’s important to think about all of your signage needs and how they will work together. Consistency will be key, so that the designs and symbols become familiar to your audience.

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