COVID-19 Is Still Here – Is Your Small Business Signage Working?

Social distancing sign

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned our world upside down. Every aspect of our lives has been affected and changed.

One of the hardest hit, aside from the vast majority of blue-collar families, are small businesses. Even with the government’s limited financial aid during this time, many small businesses are failing. This leaves many business owners asking themselves if there is anything else they could do to help show the community that they are still standing and open for business.

Do Your Current Signs Reflect Today’s Reality?

As you already know, a well-designed sign tells the viewer a lot about the business. However, is your current sign sending the right message during these troublesome times?

Something as simple as a series of small decals with your logo or message to help mark the proper social distancing guidelines of 6 feet of separation can make it easier and safer for employees and customers to navigate through your storefront.

You can also place window graphics on the glass of your store front. You can use this to explain that masks are required and show the community that you are still open and going strong.

You Cannot Put A Price Tag on Peace of Mind

A common trend during this pandemic has been the need for people to feel safe, for obvious reasons. If a store or business has not taken enough of the appropriate steps to protect their customers, chances are, they have likely seen a significant dip in sales.

It is not that people are not going to go shopping. People are more willing to drive nearly twice as far, if need be, to go someplace that has taken extra steps to ensure that everyone is being kept safe to the best of that store’s abilities.

These stores are doing things such as requiring masks and providing regular sanitation routines, like cart and shopping basket cleaning between uses. They have also created a flow for the store’s traffic by making isles single lane use to help keep things moving smoothly and reduce cross-contamination.

What Could Happen If You Do Not Adjust Your Signs to Match Today’s Environment?

As any small business owner knows, if you cannot show your community that you understand their needs, the community will forget about you. If you have not taken steps to show those driving past your establishment that you are open or that you have their safety and wellbeing in mind, they will move on to someplace else that will.

Designing and placing new signs is a fast, inexpensive way to boost your immediate presence with your local community, which is the first step to surviving this horrible pandemic.

Let’s Get Your Signage Updated!

If you are looking to upgrade your current signage and want to find ways to increase your visibility to your community, then contact us today!

We can help you design and create a custom series of decals, window and floor graphics, as well as signs to help show your community that not only are you open during this pandemic, but you have their best interest at heart.