Digital vs. Traditional Signage for Small Businesses

Traditional signage for small business

Aesthetics play a larger role in attracting customers than we care to admit. While it is not to say that traditional signage is out of style, many business owners are now making the shift towards using digital signs for their stores to attract customers.

There is no right or wrong answer here. In the same way, there is no real winner in the digital signage vs traditional signage debate. What’s right for your business depends entirely on your brand, goals, audience, budget, and overall aesthetic of your place.

But, here are some pros and cons to consider:


Digital Signs

Digital signs have a LCD screen that can display just about anything; from logo files to high-resolution photos and videos.

Some are even complete with a soundtrack. Digital signage gives you much more opportunity to create a dynamic and visually engaging sign.

With a digital screen also comes flexibility; you can change your content instantly.

Though digital signage is appealing to potential customers, the cost of installing digital signage can be significantly higher than that of traditional signage.


Traditional Signs

Traditional signage is timeless. No matter how digital the world becomes, traditional signs will always have their own charm.

A well-made and well-designed traditional sign can do the same job as a digital sign, though some claim that they are a lot less interesting and certainly less interactive than digital signages.

Traditional signs are made of a variety of materials, wood, plastic, metal, etc. They can be printed, painted, or embellished in whatever way you’d like. However, of course, they cannot display moving images or anything of the sort.

Though traditional signs are a lot less costly, they are also less flexible and should be designed to last a long time.

Besides the aesthetics, traditional signs also run the risk of having less visibility and are easy to miss among the increasing digital signs that customers are bombarded with all the time.


At the end of the day, traditional signs can be eye-catching and durable, but digital signs might be the right choice if you have the budget for it.

Whether you choose to opt for digital signage or traditional ones, we have a variety of different signage options that are completely customizable.

We’ll put together a custom signage strategy to help you achieve your goals.