3 Ways to Level-Up Your Eatery with Restaurant Digital Signage

3 Ways to Level-Up Your Eatery with Restaurant Digital Signage

If you’ve ever considered upgrading your eatery with restaurant digital signage, today’s post is for you.

Read on to learn 3 of the top business benefits of this exciting new sign type, and to find out how to get a free design quote in Wylie, Texas.


Keep Customers Entertained And Informed

Nobody likes to wait around or stand in long lines, especially when they’re hungry. But some waits can’t be avoided, especially if your restaurant prepares dishes fresh to order.

Keeping customers entertained while they wait is the secret to an exceptional customer experience. As the old saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun.

For some restaurant owners, that means chit chatting with guests or offering a complimentary snack while their order is prepared. But new research is highlighting the value of restaurant digital signage for this purpose.

In a survey carried out by Millward Brown and digital POS provider Impax Media, 84% of shoppers indicated that watching content on restaurant digital signage helped time pass more quickly while waiting to be served.

As far as the content itself, the possibilities are endless.

Program your restaurant digital signage to display news tickers, weather reports, upcoming special in-store events, new menu items or delivery services, info on local community events in Wylie, Texas, and whatever else your heart desires.


Save Big Money on Printed Signage

Restaurant digital signage may be more expensive than traditional signage upfront, but it truly pays for itself over time.

In most cases, updating your restaurant digital signage with brand new video, image, and copy is as easy as sending a Tweet or email attachment.

Whether you need to announce last minute menu changes or a seasonal dish, your restaurant digital signage makes the perfect billboard that takes seconds to update and always looks great.

Over time, you’ll save thousands of dollars that would otherwise have been spent on freshly printed signage. It’s good for your wallet, and great for the environment, too!


Reach Local Audiences Like Never Before

In the same Impax Media study cited above, 70% of survey respondents indicated that they would watch content displayed on restaurant digital signage while waiting in the checkout line.

That’s a huge level of engagement, the likes of which you won’t see with most other advertising mediums.

This makes restaurant digital signage an extremely valuable advertising platform you can use to introduce new products and services, get eyes on big promotions or sales events, or share a little more of your brand’s story.


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