4 Reasons to Upgrade your Office Lobby Signs in 2019

4 Reasons to Upgrade your Office Lobby Signs in 2019

Today’s post runs down 4 reasons to invest in an office lobby sign upgrade this year.


Office Lobby Signs Help Your Customers Feel Welcome

One of the main goals of your office lobby design should be to make visitors and customers feel welcome right away. While office lobby signs are only one part of that equation, they do serve an important purpose.

Office lobby signs greet visitors, assure them that they’re in the right place, set the tone for the visit, and usually indicate “next steps” (e.g. speaking to the receptionist, signing in, etc.) so that nobody’s ever left feeling uncomfortable or unsure what to do.

If your current office lobby sign looks worn down or neglects these important functions, then you’re not optimizing your customer experience.


Office Lobby Signs Build Brand Awareness

Many office lobby signs are designed to display business slogans, logos, or mottos that start telling your brand’s story from the moment guests arrive. As mentioned above, your office lobby sign style can set the tone for the customer experience.

For example, a lawyer’s office might choose a sharp modern design in neutral colors to establish their professionalism and sophistication. On the other hand, the office lobby sign at the headquarters of a comedy website might be wacky and playful.

In both cases, the visitor is “primed” appropriately for the forthcoming experience, and they’re able to make a stronger connection with the brand because of it.

If your current office lobby signs aren’t serving your brand like this from the moment visitors walk in, it’s time for an upgrade.


Office Lobby Signs Provide Essential Wayfinding Information

Visitors rely on hard-to-miss and easy-to-read office lobby signs to provide directional cues and help them identify when they’ve reached the offices they seek.

If your current signage is easy to miss or tough to read, you could be frustrating potential customers and turning away business.


Lobby Signs Can Display Your Accolades

Since office lobby signs are often where we look to form our first impressions of a business, they make great places to display your business’s accolades.

This gives credibility to your business and makes for a great conversation starter with potential clients.

If your current signage isn’t seizing this opportunity, or is showing dated awards and accolades, it’s time to upgrade!


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