Enhance Trade Show Experiences With These Wayfinding Sign Tips

trade show wayfinding sign tips

Your trade show exhibit is an exciting opportunity to interact with prospective customers so they can learn about your product in an engaging way.

But to maximize this opportunity requires lots of preparation and planning on your part.

In all that planning, don’t forget what is possibly the most important aspect of your exhibit: your signage. More specifically, your wayfinding signage.

Here’s how to make the most of wayfinding signage at your next trade show.


Help Them Locate You

This might seem the most obvious advice. After all, isn’t this the whole point of wayfinding signage? But you’d be surprised how often this is overlooked.

Chances are, the trade show venue is crowded and vast, with various parking lots and entrances. Finding your display won’t be easy for visitors unless you help them out. A simple A-frame sign on the street pointing out the location of your exhibit can make all the difference.

It’s also helpful to add wayfinding signs in the parking lot with arrows directing visitors to your display. Banners, floor graphics and posters can be used creatively to guide visitors your way.


Stick To Your Brand

Use your brand design to guide decisions about the appearance of your wayfinding signs. This helps establish a visual identity and boosts brand integrity. Select the following elements of your wayfinding signage with your brand design in mind:

  • Colors
  • Pantone numbers
  • Logo
  • Icons
  • Fonts/ typeface
  • Other visual elements (patterns, images, etc.)

Using elements of your brand in wayfinding signage also boosts awareness of your exhibit, grabbing the attention of visitors in the crowded space. It gives them a strong sense of space, along with a feeling of connection with your brand, setting you apart as unique.


Use the Right Materials

When it comes to materials for your wayfinding signage, there’s plenty of variety to choose from.


Fabric signs are inexpensive and easy to transport. It’s a great choice for wall graphics or overhead signs.

Foam Core

The most common use of foam core is in traditional poster boards. It works well with freestanding displays and 3D lettering.


This is a type of plastic which you can cut to size and print. It’s inexpensive and works well with just about any type of signage.


The transparency of clear acrylic offers lots of creative possibilities. Use it for transparent walls or to create an illusion of depth and space.


Go Big Or Go Home

This could be your one and only opportunity to capture the attention of new customers…and you have to compete with a crowd of other exhibitors to do that. So make your wayfinding signage loud and proud.

Keep your designs simple and large so they stand out with a clear message. This allows your visitors to immediately see who you are, what you offer, and why they should come check out your display.

Think of your wayfinding signage as if it were a billboard, large and concise enough to get the attention of busy drivers on the Interstate.


Putting care and thought into your wayfinding signage is a simple but effective way to boost your success at your next trade show.


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