Illuminating Your Business: 15 Creative Ideas for Indoor Signage

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Beautiful and well-thought-out indoor signage enhances and heightens the look and feel of your business. Your indoor signage should send a message to your clients or customers that reflects your brand, message, style, and personality.

When choosing your signage, staying on brand is vital, but adding some creative and surprising elements to your signage elevates your customers. SignSmiths loves getting creative with indoor signage in order to highlight your unique brand.

Here are fifteen creative ideas for indoor signage that we love.


Mixed Materials

Who says you need just one material per sign? Not us! When it comes to signage materials, you don’t have to pick just one. Mixing unexpected materials can elevate your signage in terms of dimension, texture, and overall visual appeal. indoor signs for businesses

Metal, wood, acrylic, glass, and so on can all play well together if done right, and our knowledge and craftsmanship guarantee success. Signage durability is a must, and we understand how materials work together so every part lasts.

Plus, with SignSmiths, you know that every element will be of the highest quality. 


Repurposed Materials

Speaking of materials…for a vintage and unique look, consider incorporating repurposed materials. This could include old doors, windows or even old signs.

Our team will seamlessly blend together the old and the new to create a customized look that reflects your brand’s classic sensibilities.


3D Signage

Utilizing materials such as foam, wood or metal allows the option for 3D signage. These materials offer opportunities for depth and dimension. Utilizing lighting will add to this three-dimensional look.

3D signs can be hung on walls or exist as eye-catching, freestanding items.


Floating Signage

For a dynamic look, consider floating signage. This look is designed by using spacers or acrylic to create the illusion that a sign is floating away from the wall. Incorporating backlighting between the wall and the sign increases this effect and adds shadow and depth.


Illuminated Channel Letters

illuminated channel letters indoor business signs

While illuminated channel letters have traditionally been used outdoors, they can create quite an impact inside as well. If going for a sophisticated, professional, and timeless look, illuminated channel letters are a smart way to go.


Colorful Backlit Signage

We’ve mentioned backlit signage already, but we wanted to point out that you can get creative with color. How about implementing your brand’s color into backlighting? Or even installing lights that change color?

Also, backlighting your signs makes them visible 24/7 and contributes to a 3D effect while adding shadow and depth.


Wall-Sized Signage

When you want a big signage impact, consider dedicating an entire wall to elevate your brand. Of course, evaluating your space and making sure everything is to the appropriate scale is very important, and something we can help you assess.


Vinyl Wall or Window Decals

For another type of signage that makes a big impact, but doesn’t break the bank, vinyl wall and window decals are a great option.

To keep signage costs down, vinyl wall decals still offer amazing results. These customizable signs offer vivid signage colors and easy signage maintenance. Additionally, they are removable so signage placement is a breeze.


Vinyl Floor Decals

Don’t forget the floor! Floor signage can be used for many purposes and different sign

indoor signage for businesses types. Whether using them to highlight your brand, show direction or offer visual and artistic appeal to your space, vinyl floor decals offer functionality that also heightens your space.

Consider using vinyl floor decals on stairways and steps as well.


Typography Wall Art

Love playing around with fonts and layouts? Signage design that uses creative typography can turn simple text into stunning visual art. Before committing to a final design, we can help you brainstorm ideas that use different fonts, sizes and design layouts.

Whether you want the installation to be your motto, mission statement or simply something that represents your brand, we can help.


Silhouette Cutouts

For a striking yet simple way to showcase your brand, consider a silhouette cutout of something associated with your brand. This could be your logo, symbol or design that evokes your brand’s personality.

The stark contrast between the light and dark of a silhouette easily captures the attention of your target audience.


Shadow Box Displays

For something really distinctive, a shadow box display can be implemented for a variety of purposes. You can showcase specific products, inform about your business’s history or simply provide information in a visually exciting manner.

Shadowbox displays can use any and all materials, the sky’s the limit on this one, and don’t forget to implement light for a real shadow effect.


Go Retro

Retro signs are always fun and always “in”. If tapping into nostalgia fits your brand, go for

indoor business signage it! With bold colors, geometric designs, and fun fonts, almost everyone is drawn to retro design.

Of course, neon lights can be implemented as well, but consider the more environmentally friendly LED lights, which come in just about any color you can imagine.


Wraparound Signs

No one puts our signs in a corner… unless you want to! Wall signs that wrap around corners are unique, eye-catching, and great for leading visitors through your space.



While many think of banners as an outdoor option, they work great indoors as well. They’re also light, moveable, durable, and cost-effective. Banners are great for promotional and special events and can be used year after year if an annual event.


Smart Signage Rules Still Apply!

While creativity in your signage is a must in today’s competitive world, signage function and signage visibility should never be compromised. Make sure you know what you want your sign to communicate and that folks can easily see it. We can certainly help with both of these aspects, as well as signage installation.

Whatever your signage type, our experience and expertise means we can bring in a dash (or a whole bucketful) of creativity to your signage.

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