Why Business Owners Love SignSmiths of Texas for Custom Signs and Designs

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tl;dr: We’re pretty awesome.


What We Do

SignSmiths serves the entire Dallas area with the absolute best in custom signs and designs. We are known for our keen attention to detail and our enthusiasm for getting to know our customers. 

These are two key factors that set us apart and allow us to create outstanding signage, car wraps, and more to enhance your business and advance your customer reach.

Further, our extensive experience working with diverse businesses of varying signage needs has given us the knowledge, skills, and ability to elevate any brand.


Who We Are

A family-owned small business in Wylie, TX, SignSmiths was created by locally-focused entrepreneurs with wide-ranging experiences in a variety of backgrounds including industrial, construction, professional, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and dental.

Not only that, they have built an incredible team of dedicated professionals.

“Great service and quality – they did a rush order for me. Never taking my business anywhere else. Easy to work with and super sweet!” Toni Evans


We Get It

We know how much your own business means to you, as their own business means so much to them. In fact, both also come from families of small business owners.

This unique background fuels them to strive to better understand your needs and provide you with quality signage and products that help boost your brand to be its most competitive.



The entire SignSmiths team offers a dynamic and modern approach to your business while paying respect to the history and traditions that made you great.

Custom Signs and Designs

This blend of old and new has been our inspiration and is a driving creative force behind our work.

The bottom line? 

SignSmiths treats your brand as if it’s our own. We don’t want our name on something we don’t feel good about, and we want you to put your best face (sign) forward for your customers.

This pride in our work means we pay attention to every single detail, from start to finish, and strive to garner a greater depth of understanding of our customers.


Our Process Sets Us Apart

SignSmiths puts pride into our work every step of the way.


From the initial consultation, we aim to have a thorough understanding

Custom Signs and Designs

 of our customer’s requests, vision, and mission. This means we listen carefully to all of our clients. 

In fact, onsite surveys are an important part of our process. We come to you.

We actually prefer to conduct meetings at your place of business whenever possible in order to obtain a better understanding of how your sign products will work best in your particular space.

This is one of the most effective ways for us to get to know you and understand your needs.


Marketing and Branding

SignSmiths can help you develop a complete marketing campaign through the branding process, and design many high-impact advertising products to take your message straight to your target customers.

Our award-winning marketing team puts the right creative strategy together to reach your target customer base effectively.

We understand how to help change your potential customers into loyal ones with strategically and beautifully designed and placed signage and other branded products.

We also understand how important cost is, especially to a small business. We work with you to stay within your budget. As your business grows, we want you to come back so we can help you reach your ultimate goals.

“Mallory and her team worked with us to identify what options we had within our budget, and spent time showing us what each option would look best for the signage we needed. She is knowledgeable on city codes and was professional throughout the design and installation.”Jackie K

Understanding city codes when it comes to signage is a part of our job that we take seriously. 

We read through them, so you don’t have to!


Design and Production

SignSmiths helps you through the product design process by providing you with experienced marketing and product development experts.

Our graphic design process first turns your vision into a high-quality product that you can see and feel, not just an image on a screen.

Before moving into full production, we want to make sure you are happy with where your design is headed. You are part of every step in order to ensure that the actual finished product meets or exceeds your expectations.

Custom Signs and Designs

We offer an incredible variety of signs in numerous materials. From outdoor signage to indoor signage to vehicle wraps, banners, and tradeshow booth needs, we’ve got you covered.

We also specialize in illuminated signage, channel letters, and ADA-compliant signage.

We are prepared to fulfill the unique needs of your business with spectacular results.

“I ordered a sign for the front of my music school, and they helped me by offering 6 different designs and creating the paperwork for the permitting process. They installed the sign on schedule, and it looks great. Recommend giving them a call.” Simon B



Project Management

Custom Signs and Designs

At SignSmiths, communication is always key. Not only is our communication with our clients top-notch but also within our own team.

We work diligently to make sure our team is always on the same page when it comes to our customers’ needs.

Further, our hands-on project management methods focus on customer satisfaction and timely delivery.

“Mallory, Erik, and Kathy were very responsive to all our inquiries. They were also very thorough in discussing with us what needs to be done to achieve the signage we want. Further, they were able to deliver excellent results in a very timely manner.”Miam A

Timeliness is something we don’t take lightly. We understand that deadlines are important and that you want your custom signs working for you as soon as possible.

Additionally, SignSmiths can help you navigate through any applications and construction permits you may be required to have before the installation process begins.


Manufacturing and Installation

We have an experienced team that can easily manufacture our products with the highest quality results. We make sure to maintain quality across all materials, all while keeping costs affordable.

Custom Signs and Designs

Our installation team meticulously ensures the final product meets your standards. Customer service and satisfaction are key in this final step of the process. 

Our goal is to help you thrive!


Maintenance and Repair

Our trained experts are here to ensure that your custom signs and designs look good and last a long time. We are in it for the duration and want to create long-lasting relationships with our customers.

“I cannot say nearly enough good things about Mallory and her team at SignSmiths. I’ve dealt with sign vendors for years both large and small and one thing that has always been lacking is personal service. Every order we’ve placed with SignSmiths was handled in a professional, timely manner with the added bonus of a hometown shop that’s like working with a really great neighbor. I send everyone I know their direction knowing that they will be in great hands for their sign needs.”Deena H

We couldn’t ask to be a part of a better community. The ultimate goal of the custom signage we create is to help local businesses (our neighbors) grow so that the entire Dallas area continues to thrive.


Give us a call today at 972-464-2926 so we can help your business succeed!

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