Allen, TX – Types of Custom LED Signs Installed by a Top-Rated Sign Company

Custom Retail Signage Texas

Custom Retail Signage TexasThe revolutionary technology behind LED signs has transformed business signage. Ultra-bright, energy-efficient LEDs have unlocked boundless options for customized lighting effects, messaging, and visibility. As Allen’s premier sign company, SignSmiths of Texas leverages the latest LED innovations to create fully tailored sign solutions.


We collaborate with each business to determine their unique goals, needs and constraints. Important considerations include sign placement, messaging requirements, target audiences, brand style, and budget. This comprehensive consultation informs our strategic design process.


SignSmiths then pairs purpose with LED possibilities. State-of-the-art technology allows us to customize illumination, motion, shapes, sizes, materials, graphics, and messaging to match specifications. The result is a LED sign that aligns with branding while effectively promoting it.


But we don’t stop at checking boxes. Our team thinks beyond expectations to imagine what’s possible. There are always opportunities to maximize LED impact through thoughtful details. Ambient light strips provide an unexpected glow. Strategic placement amplifies visibility. Vivid motion graphics attract attention.

Here are some of the most popular custom LED sign options we install for Allen businesses:

Custom LED Sign Options Maximizing Branding & Messaging


When it comes to LED signage, businesses in Allen, TX have many options available to maximize their branding, messaging, and overall visibility. SignSmiths of Texas has extensive experience installing a variety of custom LED signs that allow companies to get creative and take their signage to the next level.


Channel Letter Signs


Channel letter signs featuring LED illumination offer excellent visibility and branding potential. Dimensional lettering stands out boldly when lit up by LEDs. Channel letters can be customized in terms of:


– Letter size and proportion

– Font selection to match brand style

– 2D or 3D letter depth and structure

– Individual letters or connected sequences

– Front or reverse lit for different effects

– LED color including single, duo, or multi-hued

– Placement on buildings for maximum impact

– Varied letter finisher like acrylic or metal


The beauty of channel letters is their adaptability to nearly any business in any location. Retailers can increase storefront presence, while professional services convey authority with formal fonts and finishes. Vibrant LED colors align signs with branded palettes for recognition. When positioned above entrances, they provide excellent wayfinding. The versatility makes customized channel letters our most installed LED sign.


LED Marquees


For Allen companies wanting to promote real-time messaging, LED marquees with digital message centers are the perfect choice. These programmable signs allow for:


– Customizable and frequently changing text

– Eye-catching visuals, graphics and logos

– Video integrations bringing content to life

– Attention-grabbing animations and transitions

– Scheduled messaging tailored to dayparts

– Promotions updated instantaneously


This flexibility enables endless creativity. Retailers highlight daily deals, sales and product arrivals. Restaurants tempt with tantalizing descriptions of dishes and specials. Corporate campuses share employee news and achievements. The dynamic nature of LED marquees generates constant engagement.


Monument Signs


Freestanding monument signs get noticed with bright, illuminated sign faces courtesy of LEDs. As standalone structures, they become beacons marking a business’s location. We help customize monuments with:


– Material and color options complementing buildings

– Dimensional sign shapes and silhouettes

– Visible presence from a distance

– Seamless LED illumination, even in sunlight

– Landscaping and lighting for greater aesthetic appeal

– Reflective finishes for added drama


For maximum visibility, monuments are ideally placed near parking lots and building entry points. The sign shape, size, and design can align with specific branding strategies as well.


LED Wall Signs


Mounted directly on building exteriors, LED wall signs prominently display a brand for passing traffic. SignSmiths helps clients determine ideal placement and perfect design elements like:


– Sign cabinets with or without returns

– Bold colors or classic finishes

– Sleek profiles or dimensional depth

– Logo cutouts or solid graphics

– Subtle ambient lighting or vivid illumination

– Static or changeable message areas


Wall signs also provide excellent opportunities to feature directional arrows, contact information, or hours of operation – especially above entrance doors. Careful positioning guides customers while conveying brand quality.


Interior LED Signs


Indoors, LED signs engage and direct visitors through:


– Hanging signs marking departments or spaces

– Reception desk signs with changeable messaging

– Interactive directories and wayfinding guides

– Wall art with customized graphics and lighting

– Ceiling-mounted options leading to destinations

– Window and door signs aiding navigation

With smart messaging, interior LED signage brings environments to life while optimizing visitor experiences. Welcome messages, inspiring quotes, event notices, safety information, or branding – LEDs make it pop.

Beyond choosing the sign type, businesses can customize LED colors, effects, shapes, sizes, mounting and more. Options include:

– Single or multi-color LEDs
– Custom shapes and dimensions
– Scrolling or static messaging 
– Logos, graphics and images
– Colors matching branded palettes
– Visibility in direct sunlight or at night
– Interior or exterior placement
– Wall mounting brackets or freestanding

The benefits of LED signs are unmatched. They are energy efficient, long lasting, and offer design flexibility. Programmable options allow businesses to update information remotely in real time. And impactful designs reinforced branding unlike traditional signage.

Bring your location into the future with LED signs from SignSmiths of Texas. For a beautiful, functional sign solution crafted to meet your specific goals, call us at 972-464-2926 for a consultation. Illuminate your business in Allen with custom LED signage.