Best Signage Tactics For the 2022 Holiday Season

window display showcasing best holiday sign tactics

As we enter the first “normal” holiday shopping season since the pandemic, everyone is more than ready to embrace the bustle and excitement.

You may be wondering how you can use your signage to tap into some of this excitement and channel it into some festive profits for your business.

Here are the best signage tactics for the 2022 holiday season.


Use Your Windows

Your windows are valuable real estate in your marketing campaign and should not be overlooked. Aim to fill all available window space with some holiday-themed decals or, if building restrictions make this impossible, place some compelling signage behind the glass for all to see.

Keep your colors bold (think holiday-themed red and green) and your design simple for maximum effect. Any text should be large and easy to read, with as few words as possible to get a clear message across and entice passersby to enter.


Offer Deals

The country is still slowly recovering from the economic effects of the pandemic. Eager holiday shoppers will be on the hunt for good bargains to make the occasion as festive as possible on a limited budget.

While you may not be able to afford any extravagant discounts right now, providing deals on a few select items for a limited time can boost your holiday profits by bringing more visitors to your store. Advertise these deals clearly through the use of window decals and/or attractive temporary signs.


Personalize Your Interactive Displays

Retailers are getting more and more creative in their use of interactive technology. Now, we have the ability to personalize our signage in ways we never imagined before.

What better time than the holidays to indulge in a flair for the dramatic, celebrating with light displays and animations? Create the illusion of a cozy fireplace or the delicate fall of snowflakes on a winter landscape.

Signs can be programmed to burst into life when someone touches or walks near them. Pull in the faces of your visitors to use in displays where they appear side-by-side with beloved holiday characters like Santa and Rudolph.


Provide Direction

There’s nothing quite like the total chaos that is holiday shopping. The stores have never been more crowded, but for some, this can be a source of frustration rather than joy.

Your signage can provide that reassurance and stability which many shoppers crave during this busy season. Place signs in strategic locations, pointing the way towards popular items or major displays.

This will put shoppers in a better mood so they’re more likely to make a purchase.


Examine Your Online Marketing

One thing we learned during the pandemic was the importance of digital marketing. Online shopping continues to grow in popularity, and it’s expected to hit $910 billion this holiday season.

Poise your business to take its rightful piece of that pie by making it available to online shoppers via multiple sales channels. Now is a good time to carefully evaluate your website and your social media pages, and invest in your holiday deals by running a digital ad campaign.


With these signage strategies in mind, you’ll be ready to participate in a memorable (and profitable) holiday season.