Weather-Resistant Signage Made Easy: A Guide to Picking the Right Materials in Texas

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We are Texans, which means we know Texas weather. Of course, this includes the sometimes severe weather that Texas experiences. Whether thunderstorms, hail, strong winds, heavy rainfall, drought or extreme heat, your outdoor signage demands durability to withstand it all.

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SignSmiths’ expertise in outdoor sign materials means we guide you to the right signage types and materials for your business signs. We ensure that your sign materials align with the intended function of your signage.

Your material type should fit your outdoor signage needs, whether for a permanent feature on your business or a temporary signage need.

Either way, our goal is to help keep your signage maintenance to a minimum while offering signage at a cost to fit your budget.


Always Look Your Best, No Matter the Weather

When it comes to branding and marketing, business signage that withstands the elements of Texas is a must. No matter how eye-catching and beautiful your signage design is, what matters just as much is what is on the inside, aka what your signs are made of

There are many signage options when it comes to signage materials. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite weather-resistant signage materials for long lasting signage.



Aluminum is one of the most popular materials for outdoor signs, and for good reason. If you’re looking for the best in sign durability, aluminum is likely the right choice for you. Aluminum offers strength and durability, and is also waterproof and rust-resistant.

Additionally, aluminum signs can be coated with weather-resistant finishes to protect them from corrosion, chipping and fading. 

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Aluminum is lightweight and easy to work with to create custom and unique designs. Not only that, it easily combines with other materials. Our expertise in aluminum signage means you get the best in signage longevity.

Bonus, if you ever want to change your sign, aluminum is recyclable, which is something to feel good about.

Whether your sign calls for aluminum or another type of metal, a good metal sign consists of high-quality materials that are put together by a skilled craftsman, both of which we have in abundance.



Dibond is another great option for durable signage. Dibond is a combination of aluminum and plastic created by two aluminum sheets bonded to a plastic core.

Dibond is thin, lightweight, rigid and can resist harsh weather conditions, including extreme heat (hello, Texas!).

Dibond is great for creating thin signage as it can be flatter than other outdoor sign materials.



Acrylic signage is another great option for outdoor signage longevity. Texas gets a lot of sunshine, and acrylic is great for locations that receive direct sunlight all day. Acrylic is resistant to both UV rays, glare and weathering.

This resistance means acrylic is great for keeping your colors popping. Acrylic can be see-through, which makes it an excellent option for signs that have a light source.



While real wood can be treated to withstand the elements, dura-wood is often a better option. Dura-wood is synthetic but still has the classic wood look and appeal.

Dura-wood is a vinyl material that looks like wood but does not require all the upkeep. Not only is there less maintenance, but it’s also more budget friendly. 


What About Temporary Outdoor Signage?

There are a couple of materials we highly recommend for temporary signage that can still stand up to harsh weather conditions, albeit for a shorter period of time.outdoor weather resistant materials for signs in texas

So if your outdoor signage is only meant to function for a limited time, you might want to consider these less expensive options.


Corrugated Plastic

Corrugated plastic is inexpensive, waterproof, and lightweight. This resistant material is great for real estate, yard signs, and promotional events that are used on a temporary basis.

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced, customizable, and temporary sign, corrugated plastic is a great option.



Vinyl is another excellent material type for temporary outdoor signage. Vinyl is known to be both flexible and weather resistant as it’s able to withstand wind and rain.

Vinyl’s flexibility means it’s great for banners, window clings, and vehicle graphics. Vinyl is fantastic for maintaining vivid colors and requires very little upkeep.


Need Guidance on Signage Materials? We’ve got you covered.

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Not only can we advise you with our expertise on materials for your varying signage types, but we also make sure your signage materials are in compliance with the signage regulations and safety standards of your particular location.

We can even help you navigate the signage permit process. From design to signage installation, we make sure all the boxes are checked. Contact us today.