Preparing Your Business for the COVID-19 Pandemic

covid 19 signage

Here in the United States, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is upon us and businesses nationwide are doing everything possible to keep employees safe and optimize their operations for safety. While some businesses are already fully remote, other operations still require employees to come onsite. It’s more important than ever that your employees, clients, and vendors are aware of the safety procedures that your company may take in these uncertain times. Place these sign ideas in highly-trafficked areas of your business to help ensure a safe workplace to all those who your staff may come into contact with.


Covid-19 signs for employees

Handwashing has always been a measure of germ prevention, and it’s critical now to stop the spread of germs. Place signs with both illustrations and imagery that remind people of proper protocol of how to effectively wash their hands in your restrooms and other high-trafficked areas in your operation. These can be as simple as small decals on a mirror, or a large poster-sized board in your kitchen or break area. Handwashing is the #1 method of preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

Employees may also need reminders on the importance of following social distancing protocol throughout their workplace, or to avoid using excess amounts of critical office materials when supplies are limited. Consider placing decals on your supply cabinet, printed signs in your break room, and in any other areas where your staff congregates on a regular basis.


Direct visitors effectively using Covid-19 signs

Wayfinding signs are also especially useful right now, especially if you operate a business with a steady flow of unique visitors or deliveries. Direct people to the most concise route to their location to avoid unnecessary loitering and exposure to other humans.


Effective coronavirus sign ideas

If your business hours of operations have changed or other new policies are in place due to governmental restrictions as a reaction to COVID-19, we have a variety of options available to help you message these changes quickly to your customers.

  • If you own a restaurant who is no longer offering dine-in service, consider an A-Frame sign to communicate your ability to offer curbside take-out or delivery options to your customers while they are driving by.
  • Use a brightly-colored window cling to communicate updated store hours, special hours for first responders or seniors, or customer limits as people walk into your store.
  • If your business has to temporarily close, use a door sign to indicate your status to customers who may want to stop by.
  • Yard signs are a good choice to announce “wait in your car” delivery requests.
  • Use floor decals to remind customers to maintain social distancing guidelines while waiting in line.

Changes are happening rapidly due to the coronavirus, and communicating these operational changes to your customers and employees quickly can quickly become overwhelming for a business owner. We’re here for you. No matter your challenges during this uncertain time caused by the coronavirus, Signsmiths of Texas is here to support you. Call 972-464-2926 or visit the SignSmiths of Texas Homepage to fill out a contact form to enlist our help during these uncertain times.


Ensure your business is compliant with all COVID-19 related regulations by visiting this link from the CDC with updated guidelines. Stay safe and healthy!