3 Proven Tactics for Eye-Catching Trade Show Signage Displays

3 Proven Engagement Tactics for Eye-Catching Trade Show Signage Displays

Today’s post shares 3 trade show signage display tactics that are proven effective at engaging audiences and getting more people to explore your booth.


Brand Every Inch of Your Trade Show Signage Displays

Visitors to successful trade show booths always know exactly where they are. That’s because big companies go above and beyond to create “branded spaces” that embody their company culture and immerse visitors in it.

Turning your booth into a branded environment allows you to drive up engagement levels and take advantage of sensory marketing opportunities (Hulten, 2011).

So when exhibiting, brand as much as you can, and make sure your theme is consistent across the entire display, from banners and images to free swag.

Speak with your design team at SignSmiths of Texas to discuss ways to make the most of your space and how to weave a single narrative thread through your entire sign system.


Use The “Elevator Pitch” Approach

According to a 2015 study by Microsoft, the average human attention span is only about 8 seconds. That’s less than a goldfish!

While you should take these findings with a grain of salt, they do highlight the dangers of convoluted signage. Trade show signage displays should give visitors plenty to look at, but no single sign should try to say it all.

Instead, design your signage to be consumed at a glance. Think of each sign like an “elevator pitch” that sums up the main points in a few sentences.

You may think that this isn’t enough information, but remember: your goal is to get people into your booth. You also want them to ask questions about your business, not to stand around all day reading your signs.

By creating an eye-catching sign that leaves a little to the imagination, you intrigue readers, which is proven highly effective for converting leads.


Select Evocative Colors

Colors evoke emotion and grab the attention of passersby. For the best engagement, try to choose colors that trigger emotions that are relevant to your product or service.

For instance, luxury items do well with gold and silver colors that imply a sense of upscale value, while natural products usually incorporate browns and greens into their display.


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Hultén, B. (2011). Sensory marketing: the multi-sensory brand-experience concept. European Business Review, 23(3), 256-273.