3 Trade Show Signage Display Secrets for a Lucrative Exhibition

3 Trade Show Signage Display Secrets for a Lucrative Exhibition

The Texas Wellness Expo may have just passed, but there’s always another big trade show event coming up. If you haven’t tried exhibiting your products or services in Wylie, Texas, you should! It’s totally worth it, science says:

  • According to ExhibitSurveys.com, 49% of all trade show attendees plan to buy one or more of the products/services exhibited. That means basically 1 out of every 2 people you meet while exhibiting potentially want to buy something.
  • A new study by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research found that 82% of trade show attendees had the authority to buy. So not only do nearly half of attendees want to buy something, 4 out of 5 have the power to do so.
  • In another study by ExhibitSurveys.com, 56% of the participating trade show audience indicated that they traveled more than 400 miles to attend the exhibition. That’s a long way to go, and it only reinforces the value of exhibiting. After all, where else could you gather so many people from near and far to view your products and services over the course of one afternoon?

Clearly, exhibiting creates major opportunities for your business. But in order to seize those opportunities, you’ll need to have a winning trade show signage display.

Today’s post is here to help. Read on to learn some trade show signage display secrets to help you make more impressions and sell more products or services next time you exhibit.

  • Leverage the power of multi-level trade show signage displays. Trade show signage displays make a much bigger impression if they fill more of the viewer’s eyeline. Rather than settling for placing all your signage on the same “level” (e.g. on a table at your booth, where it gets blocked by foot traffic and crowds), combine hanging banners, freestanding signs, and handheld materials to create an engaging multi-level signage system. Placing multiple signs at different eye levels in your trade show signage display not only helps your booth get spotted, but also increases dwell time by giving visitors more to look at.
    For best results, it’s recommended that you follow a basic “vertical hierarchy” when designing your signs. Simply put, your best and biggest signs should generally be hung the highest. Think of the highest sign as your marquee or store frontage that helps people identify your brand, while the other signs work more as wayfinding/informational materials.
  • Design some signs to intrigue, others to inform. Not every piece of your trade show signage display has to tell your entire brand story or list off products and services. Some signs should be designed strictly to pique people’s interest and get them into your booth. As counterparts to these attention-grabbers, you’ll also want more informational signs that tell people more about your business once they’re engaged. But remember, your ultimate goal is to get people talking to your reps, so no sign should say it all!
  • Consider using dynamic digital displays. The most effective trade show signage displays in 2019 were those that integrated digital technology. Digital signs not only allow you to play video and display endless photos and information, but they take advantage of our natural tendencies to give screen our attention.

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