Attract the Crowd with the Best Trade Show Display Signs

best trade show display signs

Trade shows, exhibitions, and conferences are a great way to market your business. These events can place your brand in front of a variety of people and potential customers, making this the perfect opportunity show off your products, engage with your audience, and make a lasting impression.

However, at these events, your business is often one of a couple hundred in attendance, including many of your competitors, and you need to up your game to ensure that you’re winning the attention of your audience.

One simple way to attract their attention is through the use of eye-catching, sharp-looking signage and displays.

While traditional approaches to trade show displays might seem old and boring, they certainly don’t have to be. Here are several types of displays that you can choose from and customize to bring your trade show booth to life!

Pop Up Displays

Pop up displays are great, handy displays that include both a frame and a graphic panel that can be propped up anywhere. They are quite cost-effective, simple to set up, versatile, and offer a lot of opportunity to customize your graphics.

Panel Exhibits

Panel exhibits are very similar to pop-up displays, but they offer a greater capacity for additional creative. While panel exhibits can serve as backgrounds as well, they can also be equipped with a lot of other creative elements to make them amazing, eye-catching displays. They can be fitted with light fixtures, counters and bridges, display screens, and more. Panel exhibits are an entire package in themselves, and sure to help you stand out from the competition.

Tension Fabric Displays

Tension fabric displays use a system of aluminum pipes and fixtures to stretch large pieces of printed fabric across an area and create graphic walls, backgrounds, and displays. It creates an alluring display and is also easy to set up and take down. The fabric is lightweight, compresses easily, and thus is simple enough to transport.

Graphic Tents and Canopies

This type of display is pretty self-explanatory. The tents or canopies are designed and printed to showcase the brand name along with other key information. The design, colors, shapes, and sizes can be completely customized. These are some of the simplest and most functional displays as they take up less space and are also less costly. These can also be utilized at trade shows, but also for local markets, sidewalk sales, and other events.

Hanging Displays

Hanging displays include any sign or display sheet that hangs overhead – typically from the ceiling. These could include simple banners and posters, as well as creatively crafted shapes and logos. These are generally made from very lightweight material that can be hung up and taken down effortlessly.

While COVID-19 has most tradeshows on hold temporarily, now is the time to be thinking about 2021 and the materials you’ll need for success. Contact us today to discuss your vision, and we will design a trade show display that is sure to turn some heads and generate leads.