Truck Fleets: 5 Essential Signage and Design Considerations

Trailer Wraps and Signage Wylie Texas

Wrapping your trucks or adding custom brand logos to them is one of the easiest and most affordable forms of marketing. This essentially turns your truck fleet into mobile billboards, advertising your company brand wherever they go.

But you do need to put some thought into what these stickers and wraps should say before you spend any money. You need to include key information, such as your name and how potential customers can reach you.

Here are five of the essential components your signage needs to include in order to be effective.

Include All of Your Relevant Information

You likely have your company name, logo, and some form of contact information on your signage, but what other information might a potential customer need to know?

Does your company name make it clear what you do? If not, you need to include the industry you’re in or the main service you offer.

You may have your phone number in your design, but is your website or email? Many people now go online instead of calling to learn more. Be sure all of this information is very visible.


Spot Graphics Can Be More Effective than a Full Wrap

Completely wrapping your vehicle is certainly eye-catching, but sometimes it can make it difficult for customers to pick out specific pieces of information.

Spot graphics are similar to large stickers and can be placed anywhere on your truck. Because the entire vehicle is not covered, these brightly colored spot graphics stand out. They also give your fleet a unified look that makes all of your trucks immediately recognizable.


Make Full Use of the Back of the Truck

While many companies add decals or spot graphics to the sides of their trucks, some do forget the back of the truck. Make full use of this space, even if it is limited. You can add your company name, logo, phone number, and website to this space. You may even want to consider a large graphic that covers most of the tailgate.


Your Signage Should Be Consistent with Your Other Marketing

The design of your graphics and wraps need to be consistent with the rest of your marketing strategy. Keep all of your colors, graphics, logos, and other items the same across all marketing channels, including your vehicle signs.

If you have a graphic or logo with colors that blend in or do not work well with the colors of your vehicles, though, you may need to either include white space around the graphic or consider an alternate color option.


Keep Your Target Audience in Mind

Like all forms of marketing, you need to keep your target audience in mind when designing these components. If your products or services are aimed mainly at those age 40 or younger, you may want to prioritize your website or email over your phone number since these younger generations tend to be online much more often than older customers.


Do you need to upgrade your signage and design components on your trucks? If you’re ready to have your vehicles wrapped or have logos applied, SignSmiths of Texas is here to help. We can assist you with designing your signage and creating the custom decals and graphics.

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