5 Tips for Wrinkle-Free Window Graphics

5 Tips for Wrinkle-Free Window Graphics

Today’s post runs down 5 simple and effective tips to help you install your custom window graphics without any wrinkles, rips, or air pockets, courtesy of our team at SignSmiths of Texas.

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Gather The Right Tools

Here’s what you’ll need for your window graphics installation:

  • Cutting tools. Depending on the product you order and the manufacturer you choose, you may need to cut printed window graphics so that they fit the chosen area. We recommend a utility or X-ACTO knife for cutting vinyl.
  • Low friction squeegee. Some window graphic installation requires that you wet the surface of the substrate. Squeegees can also help apply the even pressure needed to prevent wrinkling. Try to find a squeegee with a felt edge, as this will lower your chances of scratching the finished graphic.
  • Spray bottle and wetting solution. Cheap spray bottles work fine, though you may want to invest in a pump spray bottle if you plan on doing many installs. The wetting solution will be specific by the product manufacturer.
  • Clean fiber-free cloth. Cloth type won’t make or break the installation, but choosing fiber-free will help keep any lint or thread from getting caught up in the adhesive.
  • Ammonia-free cleaning solution. Cleaning the surface is an important part of the installation process. Avoid ammonia-based cleaners, as they can harm the adhesive backing of your window graphics. Ordinary soapy water is fine.

Clean The Installation Surface Thoroughly

Leftover dirt or grime is a common cause of window graphic wrinkling, so make sure the installation surface is impeccably clean!

As mentioned above, avoid ammonia-based cleaners. If you want to use an alcohol cleaner, we recommend mixing it with water. Alcohol evaporates quickly on its own, which may leave streaks on the window. Mixing in water slows the evaporation process, giving you more time to wipe away the solution before it’s too late.

You should also consider using distilled water, especially if you live in an area with harsh tap water that may contain residues.

Make Sure Your Windows Are The Right Temperature

Depending on the type of window graphics you use, window temperature can be a major factor. This is especially true when using static clings. Your manufacturer should be able to specify what temperature range is best for your window graphics. Once you’ve got this information, getting window temperatures right is as easy as waiting until the appropriate time of day.

Use An Application Solution

Application fluid prevents the graphic’s adhesive from sticking, which makes it easier to squeegee without trapping any air or wrinkling.

As mentioned above, most manufacturers will specify what type of application solution you should use. If they don’t, you can call our window graphics specialists, or try making your own by adding a drop or two of dish soap to 4-5 cups of water.

Squeegee With Firm But Steady Pressure

With the graphic lifted and the protective backing removed, lightly spray the surface and adhesive side of your window graphic with application solution, then slowly lower it in place, allowing it to “float” on the layer of soapy water.

Apply from the top down, squeegeeing from the center outwards. This is the most crucial stage in the fight against window graphic wrinkling, so work carefully!

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