4 Mistakes to Avoid when Advertising with Hanging Business Signs in Texas

4 Mistakes to Avoid when Advertising with Hanging Business Signs in Texas

When done right, hanging business signs make great advertising vehicles. But when poorly executed, they can actually hurt your advertising reach and even harm your business reputation.

To help you avoid that outcome, today’s post spotlights 4 costly mistakes that Wylie business owners can avoid by partnering with the SignSmiths of Texas:


Mismanaging Contrast Levels

Contrast is one of the keys to legibility, but some sign designs don’t use quite enough. Know the difference between complementary and contrasting colors, and opt for the latter when choosing background and font colors.

Also remember: high contrast sign colors don’t have to clash. Try to choose a letter color or finish that will help the text stand out and remain readable from long distances, without looking too gaudy or garish.


Crowding Your Hanging Business Sign Copy

This point isn’t so much about word count as it is letter spacing. Always make sure to plan your spacing ahead of time, or else your carefully crafted sales pitch will never reach anyone the way it’s intended.

And it’s not as easy as maintaining a consistent 1-2” spacing between all letters, because letters shapes fit together in different ways.

Word processors adjust letter spacing automatically–the letter “W” usually sits closer to the letter “A” than the letter “L,” for instance, because it just reads better that way–and it’s important that you do the same with your signage.


Saying Too Much

While there is no single formula for what should go on your hanging business signs, your copy should cut straight to the point.

Don’t bother detailing your company history (although as “est. 2019” could work), running down every single value proposition, or describing your entire product catalogue.

Hanging business signs need to be taken in at a glance, and they’re intended to get people inside your store, where sales representatives can say everything your sign left out.

Nail your logo and brand name, and maybe consider adding hours, slogans, or contact information on certain hanging sign types, but don’t exercise some restraint!


Being Blissfully Unaware of Wylie Sign Law

One of the most costly mistakes you can make when advertising with hanging business signs in Texas is to ignore local zoning laws and regulations. Doing so could get your business slammed with hefty fines or even lead to unsafe installations.

Ignorance is bliss, until somebody gets hurt and your business takes a hit for something that could have been easily prevented!


Design Smarter Hanging Business Sign Ads In Wylie, Texas

If you want high-performance hanging business signs–uncrowded, concise, legally compliant, and with perfect contrast–then SignSmiths of Texas can help!

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We offer a wide range of outdoor hanging business signs, including:

All of our hanging business signs are 100% customizable. Whether you’re looking to reproduce existing brand materials or create something nobody’s ever seen, we can help!

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