Quickly Increase Foot Traffic with A-Frame Signs

coffee shop custom sign displayed out front

Shops and businesses need to direct traffic their way. You might be doing everything right, but are you leveraging exterior marketing opportunities to entice your customers and give them an incentive to step into your shop, restaurant, or store? There are plenty of stores around – make sure you’re giving them a reason to stop right outside your door, among the dozens of stores that line the same walkway. That is the art of on the ground marketing.

Though stores utilize all sort of signs, including lighted display signs and digital signage, to entice and engage customers, one of the most popular ones that all stores should be using are A-Frame signs.

A-Frame signs, named so because of the “A” shape they make when placed on a surface, are also referred to as sandwich boards, because of how they comprise of two flat pieces of boards set in a triangular fashion. They can either be printed with the message you want to convey or painted with chalkboard paint to handwrite daily deals or a chef’s special menu.

A-Frame signs are casual enough to be used for fun messages to your customers, and also formal enough to advertise big names. They are mostly propped on the storefronts, on the sidewalks, but they can also be placed inside the premises or on big windowsills.

Uses of A-Frame Signs

Many businesses and brands utilize A-frame signs for their marketing and advertisement. There really is no targeted audience for such signs. Businesses of all kinds can use A-Frame signs, but they are usually used by the following industries and purposes.

Chalking out the Restaurant’s Daily Menu

Many restaurants use chalkboard A-frame signs to announce the daily changing menu and chef’s specials for the day. Restaurants also advertise their lunch and dinner deals, as well as timings for the day on such signs. The signs can be displayed outside the restaurant to catch the eye of the potential passing customer or inside to inform the walk-in customer about the great deals you are running.

Displaying Ongoing Store Promotions

Displaying discounts and running promotions lure in customers like nothing else. A-Frame signs can be used to emphasize on all the great deals and promotions that you have going on in your store, so potential customers are drawn in, in search of good prices and sales.

Sidewalk Advertisement

A-Frame signs can be used by just about any sort of business, from carwashes to real estate agencies, and everything in between. Any business can use these frames as sidewalk advertisements of their brand, and attract the on-foot people, walking on the sidewalks or the streets. This way, A-Frame signs are pretty much relevant to all business owners and managers regardless of the type of business they are running.

Customizing A-Frame Signs

While these signs are available through Amazon or any big-box retailer, they also present an opportunity for a customized branding moment. Vinyl and promotional inserts can be designed specifically for your business and leveraged to produce a more intimate feel for your customers.

One thing is for sure; A-Frame signs make an impression. Coupled with other things, A-frame signs adorning your stores could really help you draw in more traffic and make more sales.