Clear Acrylic Sneeze Guards In Times of COVID-19

clear acrylic sneeze guards

They’re not just for food!

For many years, sneeze guards have done much more than just protect things from ‘sneezes.’ Sneeze guards protect food and surfaces from all sorts of airborne germs and viruses.

In fact, many states have laws that mandate a sneeze guard be installed in places that serve food to ensure the highest levels of hygiene. Restaurants with buffets, food tables, and school and prison cafeterias are all required to install sneeze guards.

In recent times though, these sneeze guards started serving new purposes altogether. With COVID-19 on the rise across the globe, the food shields started protecting more than just food; they started protecting people.

If you are a business owner, you might need to invest in these tools so you can continue to offer your services and assure your customers that you’ve taken proper safety precautions.

At SignSmiths of Texas, we offer clear acrylic sneeze guards of all sizes that can be custom-fitted for the requirements of your businesses.

Are Sneeze Guards Only Used in the Food Industry?

Sneeze guards are in demand everywhere, from supermarkets’ fruits and vegetable aisles to bakeries showing off their freshly bakes buns and cakes. But, sneeze guards don’t just work for food.

They’re also incredibly valuable in the dental, medical, and chiropractic offices, retail shopping spaces, and financial institutions.

Sneeze guards are inspected and mandated by the FDA, and they are effective in stopping much of the germs and pathogens that would otherwise make their way to the people behind the shield and make us sick.

Are Sneeze Guards Necessary?

Sneeze guards were always required by law in almost all states for restaurants. For other businesses, they are not yet mandated, but they are recommended, especially in light of COVID-19, and do count as necessary precautions that businesses must take to play their part in protecting their employees, clients and in limiting the spread.

If you are a business owner of any sort of business where employees and clients come into close proximity with each other, it is good practice to install a sneeze guard to maintain a barrier between people.

Contact us to get superior quality, long-lasting sneeze guards that are sure to protect and reassure your customers!