COVID-19 Signage Considerations for Construction Sites

Construction Site Signage

With the coronavirus pandemic spreading worldwide, there is a new category of required signage for construction sites: COVID-19. Along with the safety and directional signage, now construction companies must also place signs warning people to observe precautionary measures to avoid contracting the deadly virus.

COVID-19 Signage

COVID-19 signs are everywhere. Every corner you turn, there is a sign reminding you to wear a mask. Every shop you enter, a sign asks you to maintain the required social distance. Every restaurant you go to displays a sign reminding you to wash and sanitize your hands. COVID-19 is everywhere, and so is COVID-19 signage. The signage can appear in all different sign formats, including banners, sandwich boards, printed decals, and more.

COVID-19 signs have gained a lot of popularity across all industries. Almost all businesses, across all industries, have started using these signs in their restaurants, shops, offices and warehouses. The signs are present at hospitals, airports, and shopping malls.

Naturally, the construction industry is no exception. Here are some signs that construction companies should post at construction sites to protect both employees and visitors from the virus.

COVID-19 Symptoms Testing

The entrance to the construction site must have a proper sanitization door and temperature checking station, where each employee or visitor to the site must be properly screened before entering the construction site. The sign must indicate where the screening is taking place and communicate the reason.

Signs and Symptoms of COVID-19

A sign detailing the symptoms of COVID-19 must also be placed at the entrance to raise awareness among the people of what could signify a COVID-19 case within the site. The sign must also encourage any person who shows the symptoms to come forward to protect the other people on the site.

Wear Your Masks

A gentle reminder at every corner, at every distance, must be erected for to remind people to wear masks at all times. Constructions sites are frequented by people from various backgrounds, localities and professions, and it is best to keep the masks on to protect oneself.

Maintain Social Distance

Construction sites can become crowded. With architects, machinery operators, and other personnel all milling about in the same place, it is very important to remind them that they must maintain a proper social distance at all times.

Limited Capacity at The Site

Responsible construction companies should also place limitations on the number of people allowed at the site or in lifts and elevators so that the social distancing rule is not compromised. A sign communicating the limit would suffice.

If your construction company needs custom signs made for COVID-19, they can get in touch with us. We have a variety of signs in all formats (banners, sandwich boards, printed decals, etc.) that you can put up at reasonable prices and play your part in becoming a COVID-19 responsible organization.