How to Launch a New Product with a Powerful Visual Experience in 2021

Digital Signage

Launching a new product can be an exciting turning point for your business. Maybe it’s a major innovation in the industry, or it could be something your customers have been asking for over the years. It could take your product line in a new direction, or it may be a more refined or updated version of a product you already offer.

No matter what it is, it’s important that you launch this new product with a powerful visual experience. You want to get it out there in front of as many people as you possibly can and give them a favorable first impression.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when preparing such an experience.


It All Hinges on the Photos

One of the first things you’ll need to do when preparing your product launch is to get great photos. Invest in photography! You may also want to take videos of the product in action or in use, but this does depend on what the product is and what it does.

If you don’t get good photos, you’ll find that the rest of your marketing plan doesn’t really matter. Customers want to be able to clearly see and identify the product. You may need to have close-ups of specific details or parts of the product. You’ll want excellent lighting, high resolution equipment, and the perfect backdrop for these shots.

This is one area where you will most likely want to invest in a professional photographer instead of doing it all in-house.


Design Around the Visuals

Once you have outstanding photos, you will want to design the rest of your marketing campaign around them. While it is important to include information about the product, what it does, and why customers should buy it, the photos also need to speak for themselves and should be the star of the piece. It doesn’t matter if it’s a flyer, mailer, website, social media post, or billboard—the photo of the product should be the focus.


Find the Right Location

Billboards, door clings, signage, car wraps, and other visuals can be great ways of showcasing your new product to local customers. However, the right location is critical. Make sure you carefully research where your customers are.

Wrapping your company vehicles with temporary graphics advertising the new product will turn them into moving billboards, but they need to be used in the area.

For example, if you add a wrap to your company van that you only use to transport large orders, it may not necessarily be as effective as you would like it to be. That’s especially true if it’s always parked behind your building or somewhere else out of the way when it’s not in use.

Think about what vehicles you use most often and invest in wraps and temporary decals for those vehicles. For the ones you don’t use as often, think about what you could do to make them a visual marketing tool.

Look at where potential billboard advertisements could go and who would be around that area. Are those people potential buyers of your new product? If so, advertising on that billboard is a great idea.

These are just a few ways of launching your new product with a great visual experience. The team at SignSmiths of Texas can help you design these visuals. Contact us today to discuss the specifics.