Seven Ways to Support Your Small Businesses During COVID-19

Support Your Small Businesses During COVID-19

We’re still operating under the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, and our state and most in the U.S. are limiting in-business actions to critical infrastructure and essential work. This has been devastating economically for some of our close friends, colleagues, and clients.

While we’re still able to provide some of our regular services (more on those specifics in an upcoming post), we also wanted to highlight some of the ways that all of us can support our fellow small business owners here in the DFW area.  Read on for seven things that you can do today to help!


  1. Buy Goods and Services from Small Businesses Online

Whether it’s purchasing gifts for a birthday, or a gift card to be used on your now-long-overdue haircut, make sure you are keeping up with your favorite local merchants online and making purchases from them where you can. Some may have just made the decision to close down completely, while others may still be offering curbside or delivery options.


  1. Support Worthy Nonprofits and Local Businesses

If your business is still able to function, are you able to contribute profits to a cause such as a local food bank?  If your business is not currently using your office space, consider utilizing part of it for a pick-up spot for donations, or see if you can use company trucks as vehicles for businesses who needed to quickly adapt to delivering to customers. Think of those things for your business that are not currently being used, and ask if someone else can benefit from them.


  1. Submit Reviews on Facebook or Google

Love a local business? If there was ever a time to share your feelings, now would be it! Highly reviewed businesses show up more frequently in search algorithms, making it easier for these businesses to be seen by future customers. Plus, it just makes a small business owner’s day to know they’re loved!


  1. Drive Traffic to Other Small Businesses on Social Media

You could sponsor a giveaway on your Facebook page to win a gift card to another local business (such as a restaurant). This would benefit your social engagement, and also encourage customers to try out another small business. Make sure you tag the other business in your post and also encourage your fans to patronize them in the future!


  1. Offer Discounts to Covid-19 First Responders

Can you provide a special offer or thank-you gift to your local medical staff, delivery drivers, and grocery store clerks who are working to keep us all home and safe during this critical time? If any of these sectors are particularly important to your business, make sure to align your discount to them accordingly. Don’t forget to advertise your discount with some outdoor signs!


  1. Host a Digital Event

When you’re not able to network in the business community in-person, digital events can help bridge the divide. Invite local business owners who you’re connected with and come armed with a list of relevant topics to all of your businesses. Host the event via a Facebook Live event, or use Eventbrite to coordinate invites and ticket sales.


  1. Buy Takeout or Delivery Food From Local Restaurants

Without dine-in service, bars and restaurants are definitely among the hardest-hit industries from this pandemic. Even if your own funds are limited, even one takeout pizza/week can help your local pizzeria stay afloat just a little bit longer! You’re also providing needed income to delivery drivers when you use a service like Grubhub or UberEats to bring your food safely to your home.


As a reaction to the pandemic, communicating your operation’s changes to your customers can quickly become overwhelming for a business owner. We’re here for you. No matter your challenges during this uncertain time caused by the coronavirus, Signsmiths of Texas is here to support you. Call 972-464-2926 or visit the SignSmiths of Texas Homepage to fill out a contact form to enlist our help during these uncertain times.