Signage & Marketing Considerations for the Holiday Season

business signs for holidays 2022

It’s that time of the year again! As you pull your sweaters out, set up holiday zoom calls, and prepare for a better year ahead, don’t overlook the potential to generate some end of year profit. 2020 is not over yet!

Despite a global pandemic, there are a slew of effective and affordable tactics to reach and engage your audience this holiday season. With the right marketing tactics and signage plans in place, you can still boost Q4 sales and take advantage of the happy season.

Here are some marketing and signage considerations to close out your year.


Holiday Deals

People all over the world are still reeling from the economic loss that this year has brought, and unfortunately, many families are facing pretty difficult financial situations at home. More than ever, Americans are on the lookout for affordable holiday deals.

We know this year has been tough on businesses as well, and many small businesses cannot afford drastic price reductions. However, temporary sales on the right items can increase your foot traffic enough to significantly drive up sales and profits.

To promote your end-of-year sales and promotions, consider temporary promotional signs or window graphics.

Online Marketing

With social distancing in place, and some cities implementing new lockdowns, your digital marketing game is more important than ever. Surveys have indicated that 75% of Americans will prefer to shop online this year, so make sure your business is available to them at all touchpoints.

Take a fresh look at your website and social media presence. Invest in some digital advertising to promote your holiday deals. Leverage your email database to stay connected and drive sales.

Holiday Decorations

Who doesn’t love holiday décor?! For those shoppers who are venturing out, make them feel at home. Deck out your store, shop, office, or business in the holiday colors. Light some candles and bring out your Christmas trees!

The more aesthetically pleasing your store looks, the more people it will attract and the higher they will value your brand along with the items it carries.

Holiday Signage

A holiday sign warmly welcoming people into your shop can mean more to people right now than ever before. Invest in some good quality, warm and happy signs to welcome the holidays and invite people in. Consider holiday-themed product displays or window graphics as good temporary sign options.


If you are looking for holiday signage, or to spruce up your marketing this holiday season, give us a call. Don’t miss the opportunity for last-minute branding and sales before the end of the year!