Why Vinyl Banners are the Marketing Tool Your Business Needs

Custom Vinyl Banners

Need to freshen up your retail location’s messaging without wrecking your budget? What about informing potential employees that you’re now hiring? Look for vinyl signs to provide an easy and versatile way to highlight certain aspects of your business.

What are some other ways to use vinyl banners? Read on for some suggestions you might not have considered.


Sales and promotions

Because their material is thick enough for premium color saturation, yet lightweight enough to be transferred easily, vinyl signs are perfect to use for promotional materials that are short-term but important, such as a holiday clearance. They’re also recyclable, so you can feel comfortable utilizing them for a short-term sales opportunity.

For customers that visit your location often, a hanging sign can highlight what’s new in your store to keep their interest piqued, without spending a fortune to refresh your business’ decor.

Or, use a vinyl banner in a high-traffic location and you’ll be sure to attract new customers to your business. Make sure your sign uses bright, vibrant colors and your promotion can be expressed in under 10 words for maximum message potential.


Roadside businesses

Because vinyl is an affordable, durable material, it’s the perfect low-cost way to promote your business when you’re just starting out.  Advertise your grand opening with a vinyl hanging sign and grab the attention of passerbys that may not know of your existence.

Vinyl is great for use both indoors and outdoors, as it resists wind, humidity, and precipitation. It’s ideal for use in both extreme hot and cold weather conditions. Build up buzz for your new business by putting a “Coming Soon” hanging sign in your storefront window in the weeks and days leading up to your opening day.


Sporting events

Help thank your loyal sponsors to your local sports team by printing a vinyl sign that can be displayed at your arena with their logo and website. Print bold, impactful statements in vivid colors that will amp up fans and allow them to show their appreciation for teams in their community. Increase school spirit with a vinyl banner displaying the home team’s name and mascot that can be used throughout a sports season.

Vinyl banners are also great to use at races to show runners the start and finish line to their event.


Tradeshows and conferences

Vinyl signs and banners are excellent brand building tools, which is why they are ideal for showcasing your company during trade shows. You can incorporate your brand colors, slogan, and design so your ideal customer can identify you upon first exposure.

Display a hanging sign across the front of your table at a show or put one on the wall at the back of your booth to drive traffic and increase visibility amongst the competition. These vinyl signs are durable enough to withstand years of use and are easy to transport to and from your next exhibit.


Other implementations

Vinyl signs are truly the workhorse of the signage world, due to their low cost and vivid printing capabilities. Use a vinyl banner at your next family celebration, or a hanging sign to launch a new product.


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