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Marketing with Pole Signs Has Never Been This Easy

Pole signs are meant for everybody, they are easy to apply and work in every industry. We can help you produce high-quality pole signs here at SignSmiths. We’ve helped many clients within the Rowlett area over the past few years, and we’re always looking to grow the SignSmiths family!

Pole signs are the perfect way to use as a main branding tool, market a new product or company that you’re launching, or for a special deal that you’ve currently got in place. You see sign poles quite a bit when it comes to fast-food places, since there is always a burger deal or something they’re promoting. How many times have you decided where to go to eat while on a road trip because you saw a favorite restaurants sign? Imagine how many cheeseburgers they sell just because they put a pole sign up!

Major Branding With Pole Signs

You can use pole signs as your main form of branding since they’re located higher than your average building and more obvious to spot. They’re easy on the eyes and get more views as they stand out, which is why a lot of companies tend to put contact information (typically a phone number) on them as well.

Looking to buy a high-quality pole sign for your brand? Contact SignSmiths today and we can get you started on the sign creation process – we try and make it as simple as we can for our clients, so don’t be afraid to give us a call.