3 Game-Changing Sign Design Trends for 2022

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3 Game-Changing Signage Trends We’re Excited About

Life seems to be changing dramatically every time we turn around. And that applies to signage, too. Changes in technology, consumer engagement, and business needs have led to exciting creative solutions to all aspects of signage.

Let’s take a look at the three most exciting signage design trends right now.

Serif fonts

Yes, it’s true; a classic font like serif doesn’t seem to belong in the category of exciting new design trend. After all, it has been around for centuries.

But this is exactly what makes vintage Serif fonts so appealing.

Serif delivers a solid, traditional look which evokes welcome memories of simpler times. With so many chaotic changes in our world, the stable look of a vintage font provides comfort. It’s elegant, quaint and timeless.

It also offers the eye a pleasant contrast to other signage fonts which are mostly sans serif. The unique look of a serif font instantly captures the attention without going over the top. That’s an essential quality when your signage has to compete with so many other visuals.

You can always mix a Serif font with other more contemporary elements to create a nice balance between bold and traditional.

High-quality digital visuals

It’s safe to say that consumers have gotten “spoiled” by high-definition displays on their television screens at home. For that reason, they may be quickly turned off by a low-quality display on your signage.

To combat this, take the time to ensure that any text appearing on your digital signage can be read clearly, both close up and at a distance.

While a high-definition display might seem like a big expense, it’s a great investment, as it will allow you to keep up with future signage trends, especially those involving video or GIFs. A good digital sign will last you several years, so it’s worthwhile to ensure you can use it for the long haul.

A digital display is also a great way to form a deeper connection with your audience. That brings us to our next point.

Personalized content

Technology offers more and more tools to personalize advertising content to our audience. Artificial intelligence and digital connectivity make it easy to gather data to inform targeted ad campaigns. So why not channel some of these solutions in our signage displays?

These days, almost any business can use a simple camera that picks up on details about passersby in order to display ads that are relevant to that person.

For example, a clothing store can display ads for various sizes of men’s, women’s, or children’s clothes based on who is passing by at a specific moment. If you sell pet products, you can adapt your display whenever anyone walks by with a dog.

This kind of personalized content is tremendously powerful, cementing your audience’s feelings of connection with you. When potential customers feel seen and recognized, they are far more likely to engage with your brand.

As these trends reveal, today’s signage trends allow for many exciting possibilities in building relationships with consumers. Why not try them out and see where they take you?