5 Brilliant Signage and Design Trends for 2022

signage design trends for 2022

The design of your office or storefront signage is a central avenue for communicating with your customers. But, with design trends changing so quickly, it can be hard to stay ahead of the competition and stand out in a meaningful way.

Sure, your bright and colorful design may be unique and impactful now, but what if the industry shifts towards more muted palettes and soft edges in the next couple of years? Are your soft, organic lines able to stand the test of time, or should you be leveraging stronger angles and shapes?

Not to worry! Here are 5 signage and design trends that need to be on your radar as we head into 2022.

Minimalism with Color

Minimalist design has been around a long time, but it’s never quite looked like this.

No longer must we stick with black text on a white background to go the minimalist route. Many now find that look boring, even depressing. Instead, create a clean, uncluttered look with simple designs combined with muted or natural colors.

In doing so, you achieve the effect of allowing your product to speak for itself, projecting an image of sophistication and simplicity, without sacrificing color.

Serif Fonts

Serif (not to be confused with sans serif, it’s opposite) is a kind of font featuring small decorations at the beginning or end of each letter for a quaint, old-fashioned look.

Serif fonts convey a traditional and nostalgic vibe, like you’re about to visit an old-fashioned barber shop or ice cream parlor.

They evoke simpler times and communicate a sense of reliability. This comforting feeling is especially desirable now in the aftermath of chaotic pandemic times.

Geometric Shapes

In a world of chaos, the comforting symmetry of geometric shapes will continue to appeal to 2022 audiences. This represents a change from the more abstract designs which have been trending in previous years.

The best thing about geometric shapes is that you can use them for just about anything. They work well with images, logos, or even to display data sets. Consider using them along with some muted colors if you want to make a chunk of text easier to read.


As a culture, we’ve always been a little obsessed with nostalgia, but even more so lately. During lockdown, many of us indulged in binge-watching some of our favorite TV shows from the 1980s, 1990s, and the early 2000s. And retro items from the 1960s and 1970s are making a comeback too. So, feel free to channel the beloved look of 90s grunge or to throw on some peace signs and flowers from the 1960s hippie era.

Like some of the previous trends mentioned here, nostalgia offers a safe and comforting vibe which is very much in demand these days.


Gradients have been around for a long time, but lately we’re seeing it pop up more and more in corporate branding. Gradients are versatile and easy to use, because they allow you to use your brand colors in a way that’s creative and eye-catching. The best color gradient schemes use three or more colors that are either complementary or monochromatic. You can use them to make your textual elements stand out more, or as the background for an image.

With a little creativity, you can channel these fun new design trends into your signage to make 2022 one of the best ever.

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