3 Proven Design Strategies for Better Decals and Vehicle Graphics

3 Proven Design Strategies for Better Decals and Vehicle Graphics

Mobile advertising using decals and vehicle graphics is incredibly effective.

Research from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles indicates that there are 24 million vehicles registered in Texas. Traditional storefront signage systems only target this massive audience a fraction of the time, and only when they are in the local area.

Taking your brand message on the road transforms every traffic jam, parking space, or morning commute into a high-powered promotional opportunity. Your car becomes a moving billboard.

But those 24-million Texas drivers aren’t the only people you target with decals and vehicle graphics. You also target pedestrians, the neighbors of clients whose homes you attend for service calls, parking lot visitors, and anyone else within eyeshot.

On average, decals and vehicle graphics generate 101 impressions per mile. According to Geopath, formerly known as the Traffic Audit Bureau, the average number of daily impressions sits between 30,000 and 70,000.

Research findings cited by Truckininfo indicated that a typical trailer creates 10 million impressions a year, 14 million for trailers with reflective graphics, and 16 million for local delivery vans.

But your decals and vehicle graphics won’t be the only ones on the road. Most businesses have considered this advertising tool, and many have already implemented it. If you want to optimize the performance of your decals and vehicle graphics, your design needs to stand out.

Today’s post is meant to help. Read on to learn 5 proven design strategies for better decals and vehicle graphics, courtesy of the team at SignSmiths of Texas.


Strategy #1 → Use Bright Colors That Build Your Brand.

Color evokes emotion and grabs attention. Bright colors are best because they can be seen from a long distance and tend to be more luminant at night.

But don’t just aimlessly pick the brightest color you can find.

Instead, choose something that tells a bit more of your brand’s story and stirs feelings related to your brand message. For example, red evokes love, energy, and aggression, while green is often associated with natural products and the outdoors.

Of course, if you’ve already got a brand logo with company colors, stick to that. But even darkly colored brand logos can reap the rewards of bright colors by lightening up the vinyl substrate. In simpler terms, make the background brighter so your dark logo stands out.

If you haven’t yet designed a logo, our team can help you choose the perfect palette that evokes brand-relevant emotions that inspire viewers to take whatever action you’re promoting.


Strategy #2 → Be Big And Bold.

Decals and vehicle wraps need to legible from long distances. They’re also frequently viewed on the move.

To increase readability, using bold lettering with a legible sans serif font is highly recommended. You’ll grab more eyes without straining them!

Texas traffic law states that highway sign lettering must be at least 1 in. tall for every 40-50 ft. of viewing distance, and that’s a good rule of thumb to use when designing your decals and vehicle wraps, too!


Strategy #3 → Avoid Overcrowding.

When you look at the broad side of your vehicle, it can be tempting to try to fill that big space with multiple sales messages and images.

But crowding your decals and vehicle graphics with too many images, hand lettering styles, or colors can actually be counterproductive.

Without clear points of emphasis, readers may become confused by your message or overwhelmed, so that their automatic reaction is to tune out.

You want your ad to be consumed within 2-3 seconds, which requires a simple yet dynamic design.


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