Best Materials to Use for Exterior Signage

Exterior Restaurant Custom Designs

From direct sunlight to freezing rain and snowstorms, exterior signs are constantly being exposed to the elements. Not every material has the strength and durability to withstand such harsh conditions.

Some materials, however, have the ability to withstand this, and thus, make for the perfect exterior sign bases. We recommend aluminum, wood, or plastic; which of these would serve you best largely depends on your locality, the type of sign you need, and your budget. We break down these three materials below.

Aluminum Signs

Aluminum signs are lightweight, yet sturdy. Aluminum is used across a range of fields, from aircraft manufacturing to kitchen utensils. Unlike most metals, aluminum does not rust. It can, however, corrode under the influence of some circumstances.

Aluminum is not too expensive, but it is definitely not cheap either. In terms of costs, it is reasonable considering how long these signs will hold up. It is also a malleable material and thus can be shaped into whatever shape and size you require. This gives you a lot of flexibility with your sign design.

Wooden Signs

Wood has its own aesthetic; it gives your signs a vintage, classic, and timeless appeal. It’s also environmentally friendly. However, wooden signs do not hold up well over time. Their short lifespan, combined with a heavier weight, make this option tough to see positive ROI.

Plastic Signs

Plastic is one material that can be customized to whatever color, shape, and size you need for your signage. Good-quality plastic or PVC is also extremely durable and can last you a long time. It is extremely cost-effective (which is the major reason plastic became so popular in the first place.) Plastic signs are also lightweight, which makes them all the more customizable and cuts down on transport costs significantly.

Plastic is not without drawbacks. Some plastics will fade easily with direct exposure to sunlight, and others will scratch easily. However, careful sign design and placement will ensure an effective sign for years to come. This type of sign makes sense for most businesses.


If you’re looking for new exterior signage for you store, office, restaurant, or real estate business, make a smart, informed choice. Contact us today for high-quality custom signs made at affordable rates.