Increase Wayfinding Success and Customer Satisfaction with Interior Office Signs

Increase Wayfinding Success and Customer Satisfaction with Interior Office Signs

There are many types of interior office signs, including:

  • Informational signs, which provide visitors with useful information about office hours, personnel restrictions, booking information, check-ins, and more.
  • Directional signs,such as directories or guides, which help guests find their way around the office.
  • Identification signs, which identify permanent spaces in the office such as restrooms.
  • Branding signs, which support the office’s branding efforts and may include company logos, name, and color scheme.

Business owners in Wylie, Texas have plenty of sign styles to choose from, from murals and floor graphics to lobby signs, door signs, and banners. And they’ve got plenty of good reason to choose these signs, too!

Today’s post is all about the benefits of high quality interior office signs. Read on to learn how they can improve your customer satisfaction ratings, wayfinding outcomes, productivity, and branding.

Make Better First Impressions At The Office

Research by the Association for Psychological Science suggests that people form a first impression within a tenth of a second. That’s nowhere near enough time to charm your new contact with personality or impress them with an overview of your company history.

But with the right interior office signs in place, you can set yourself up for a successful first impression. You may not have time to alter the outcome once you meet your guest, but you can lay the groundwork for a positive impression beforehand.

When a visitor arrives at your office, they’ll see your interior office signs before they see you. They might study your interior office signs for some time while they wait in the lobby, or only catch a glimpse as they check-in, but either way it’s enough to make a difference.

A well-designed interior office sign will put your guest at ease, build trust, and get them excited to put a face to such a professional-looking brand name. On the contrary, a poorly designed sign will make them question what they’re doing at your office, and force you to “prove yourself” rather than setting you up for a smooth introduction.

Reduce The Risk Of Negative Customer Experiences

Proper wayfinding is critical for creating positive customer experiences, especially in the white collar world where time is money.

Your clients want to know when they’re arrived at your office and never make a single wrong turn during the course of their visit. Getting lost is extremely frustrating, and you could cost yourself a customer if your interior office signs are to blame.

Improve Office Morale And Productivity

Signs influence your people, too! Professional, creative, and positive interior office signs can inspire these same feelings in your employees. On the contrary, bland stock signage or low-quality interior office signs can really dampen the mood around the office, making it so that their work environment looks like an Office Space stereotype.

Interior office signs can also boost productivity. Informational signs can keep unauthorized personnel out of work areas and prevent costly interruptions during meetings.

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