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What are “Lobby Signs”?

A lobby sign is something that you would typically see at a reception area of an office building or the lobby of a hotel. They identify the branding of any establishment, as well as greet guests and potential clients. At times, the lobby sign can offer a directory or label where specific people are located within an office building.

How Can I Use a Lobby Sign?

Lobby signs can be applied in many ways, in all industries. Office buildings, medical, dental, and hospitality offices are the most frequent location for lobby signage. Some of the most practical uses for lobby signage would be:

  • Identify where the reception area is located
  • Greet your guests
  • Label the locations of offices, elevators, bathrooms, and even stairwells
  • Help brand businesses that are located within the building

What Are the Key Elements to Consider When Designing a Lobby Sign?

Designing a lobby sign involves multiple considerations, including the choice of material, color scheme, and typography. The sign should align with the overall branding of the establishment it represents. It’s also important to consider the size and placement of the sign to ensure it is easily visible but not overwhelming. SignSmiths of Texas works closely with clients to create custom lobby signs that meet these criteria and effectively serve their intended purpose.

How Can Lobby Signs Be Used in Different Types of Establishments?

Lobby signs are versatile and can be used in various settings, such as office buildings, medical facilities, hotels, and more. They can serve multiple functions, from identifying the reception area to providing directional cues like the location of elevators, bathrooms, and offices. SignSmiths of Texas offers a range of options to ensure that the lobby signs are functional and aesthetically pleasing, regardless of the type of establishment they are placed in.

What Materials Are Commonly Used for Lobby Signs?

The choice of material for a lobby sign can greatly influence its appearance and durability. Common materials include acrylic, metal, and wood, each offering its own set of advantages. Acrylic is popular for its modern look and durability, while metal offers a sleek, professional appearance. Wood can provide a warm, natural feel. SignSmiths of Texas provides various material options to suit different needs and aesthetics.

What Are the Installation Requirements for Lobby Signs?

Installation of a lobby sign requires careful planning to ensure it is securely mounted and optimally positioned for visibility. Factors like wall material, sign weight, and lighting conditions can all influence the installation process. SignSmiths of Texas offers professional installation services, ensuring the sign is securely affixed and positioned for maximum impact.

Why Choose SignSmiths?

SignSmiths has been a reputable name locally, but we’re focused on spreading our reach into the nearby regions as well. The Plano/Garland area is on our radar, and we plan on bringing our high-quality sign services to anybody who needs them.

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